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Free TC Typing Keystroke Utility for VQC-3000 & VTC-4000 using
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BUFMC - Routing Switcher Control System
Fast and easy to use graphical user interface for routing switcher control.  BUFMC controls all major brands of routing switchers.  Up to 48 levels are supported, which can be split between multiple routers of different models.  No limit to number of user stations.  Multiply redundant hybrid direct serial and Ethernet control architecture.  PC computer(s) used for human interface.

New in BUFMC

BUFMC Software
This is the actual working router control GUI program.  It runs in demo mode until you purchase and activate the interface hardware.

Steps to download:

  • Click on the link to download.  Unzip the files to your hard drive (you can't install from a zipped folder).
  • Run the SETUP.BAT file and follow the directions.
  • BUFMC runs in demo mode so you can see how it works
  • Contact us for pricing and configuration information.

BUFMC Software Update
For existing users.  This download will not overwrite your configuration data.   Same as above, except run the UPDATE.BAT file.  As always, first make a copy of your existing BUFMC folder just in case.  You can always go back if anything doesn't work as expected!

  • BUFclips Video Server Clip Management Software
  • Download and try it out!  (Formerly BUFkeys)
  • Video Server Clip Management via VDCP Protocol
    BUFclips runs on a PC and connects to a VQC-3000-RS Videotape Quality Controller or VTC-4000-RS Single or Multi VTR Controller to add VDCP protocol video server control.  The controllers also continue to control VTRS using the standard "9-pin" RS-422 protocol. 
    Clips available on the connected video server are displayed and can be loaded for playback or added to play lists.  New features are coming...
    The clip management and VDCP features are enabled when a USB "Dongle" security key is connected to the PC, without it, BUFclips operates in demonstration mode.

    Automated Timecode Entry feature (FREE!)
    BUFclips also includes the automated timecode entry features of BUFkeys.  BUFkeys features are always active, even in demonstration mode.  Timecode numbers are typed into any running application when a "hotkey" is pressed on the keyboard as though they were entered on the PC keyboard itself.  The typed TC format can include pre and post characters and drop frame indication.  Up to five miscellaneous strings  (TC error, dropout, etc.) can be configured to be typed when hotkeys are hit.  A hotkey can send the controlled device to any timecode number copied into the PC's clipboard to quickly return to previously captured locations.  Download the BUFclips.exe program, run it, and read the BUFclips.xml file for customization instructions.

    To download BUFclips:
  • Download the zip file  and extract the 2 files to your hard disk (the desktop should work OK).  You cannot install directly from the extraction window.  Then run the Setup.bat file.  It will create the necessary folders and place files into their correct locations.  On screen directions make installation simple.  BUF Technology software never makes changes to the registry or slows your PC in any way.  When you delete the install directory (C:\BUFclips), everything is completely removed.  The exception is the third party "Dongle" security key drivers which must be separately removed.  Dongle driver installation can be skipped during installation if a Dongle is not purchased for optional features.







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